Employee Opportunities

The Joint Language Training Center (JLTC) is an equal opportunity employer that provides language support to the Utah National Guard, local communities, and other government agencies.

JLTC supports over 29 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese and is constantly looking for qualified foreign language speakers, both civilian and military. Wages start between $15.00 - $18.00 an hour based on experience and skills. We have full-time military and civilian positions as well as part-time and on-call civilian positions. Morning and evening shifts are available.


In order to be considered for employment at JLTC you must meet the following minimum requirements:


1)Employment applications are received on-line by our staff.

2)Our staff will contact you by telephone within two weeks from the submission date of your application and schedule you for a transcription and translation test. The test will take approximately three hours.Download Testing Guide and freeware software program Express Scribe to increase test score (links found above).

3)After you have been tested we will contact you as to whether or not you qualify for employment at JLTC.

4)Qualified applicants will be scheduled for an interview. Applicants who do not qualify may retest in six months.

5)Following the interview, qualified applicants may be offered a position. If a job offer is made, the applicant will be asked to complete a security packet and interview with our Security Manager. A background investigation will then be conducted. This may take as long as one year to complete.

6)Positions are offered contingent upon successfully completing the background investigation, funding, and mission requirements.

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